Wise words taken from a document by from Ten23 Software

Tim Chang, from NVP, spoke last year at a little Web 2.0 event held in Orange County CA. There, he perfectly summarized a key design rule for social networks: build them for one or more of the seven deadly sins. Thanks to Wikipedia:
Lust :  Obsessive or excessive thoughts, usually sexual in nature
Gluttony :  Over-indulgence, over-consumption
Greed :  A sin of excess like lust and gluttony, but in reference to wealth
Sloth : Laziness, indifference, apathy
Wrath : Uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger
Envy : Resenting another because they possess something you do not
Pride : Excessive love of self

I’m not saying you need to write an application that encourages one or more of the above, and I don’t
think Tim was either. Personally, I’d discourage it. But think about ways you can use them constructively
in applications:

Lust : Dating
Gluttony : Shopping
Greed : Budget, Financial
Sloth : Productivity
Wrath : Debate, Politics
Envy :  Shopping
Pride :  Online Identity Management

So, for example, you can create a personal productivity application that saves people time and money.
This will appeal to facets of the “7 deadly sins”, but not in such a way that encourages and promotes
behavior you don’t personally endorse.

Choose the platform that best serves your target audience. If you are building enterprise
applications, you will likely be looking at the BlackBerry (http://www.blackberry.com/developers). If you
are looking to build an application that has the furthest worldwide reach, you need to check out Nokia
(http://forumnokia.com). If you’re looking for an audience of progressive users that are heavy data
consumers, definitely consider the iPhone (http://developer.apple.com).