Learning and Development

What is the concept of learning and development or L&D, for short? Well, it’s a commonly found department that is used to ensure employees have the necessary skills to ensure the organisation is as successful as it can be, thus allowing for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  So, why not just develop and use a training programme in-house? Don’t get us wrong, that option does have its perks; lower costs, a lack of hostility from employees who don’t want outsiders telling them that what they are doing in their job is right (or wrong) while avoiding the requirement of dealing with third parties in the education of employee job elements.

That being said, (of course) we wouldn’t personally discount the effectiveness of outsourcing your learning and development. Why? Well, the right third-party agencies have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to construct the digital infrastructure that enables the cost-effective education that teaches your staff the necessary skills for any given subject matter without compromise. This is what you need when you’re trying to reach the top of the marketplace, there is no room for compromises on quality in your products and services, training is no different.

An outsourced learning and development team can not only identify weaknesses in training methods or courses, but play towards your organisation’s strengths in your education, therefore maintaining engagement and the morale of your staff being trained. The right partner in training will know how to deal with these situations whilst still understanding your organisation’s corporate culture and how best to integrate learning within the organisation. So, what are your options? With the modernisation of training online in recent years, eLearning has emerged to fill the void of engagement and enjoyment through traditional, and often inconvenient schooling programmes in hotels over company weekends and staff training days.

So, why eLearning? Well, the past ten years has seen a 50% increase in organisations developing digital platforms, meaning if your delegates don’t know how to exploit the platform to showcase your organisation’s internal educational expertise in the best light, you’re potentially pouring money down the drain. Off-the-shelf and cheap internal training days may not be the best method for getting the most out of your employees.

The alternative to in-house would be to outsourcing, which has lots more pros than cons, here are some of them:

It’s able to identify key weaknesses in training practices

It’s able to understand your corporate culture from a fresh perspective

It enables bespoke designed training content, courses and systems, designed by expert designers

Integrating eLearning with ease, thus making it more well-received

Training programmes can be built to exact budgets predetermined between agency and customer

Overall, the main concerns that may arise from outsourcing training are likely to be the perceived higher costs and the hesitation of introducing a third party organisation within a business. But, if you find the right company, then this method only has benefits attached…

If you have just read through this blog, well done! You are on the right track, you want to be the next organisation leading at the forefront of L&D practises. So, you might be thinking now I’ve read this article what’s next? Where do I go to build my new bespoke eLearning course or system?

Fresh01 offer award winning tailor made systems built to the specific requirements of every client. We are a multimedia agency who create bespoke, compatible, timely and on-budget systems catered to your every need. Get in touch to find more details…