HEAT Training

Hostile Environmental Awareness (HEAT) Training is implemented contingent upon employees operating in or simply finding themselves in unsafe or challenging security conditions. This particular type of training is administered online to provide the skills and knowledge to approach dangerous situations with correct behaviour. Security risks are repeatedly going to be trained for and eliminated to provide a safer working environment for workforces across the globe, but there is going to be inevitable breaches of security regarding both physical and cyber-based circumstances.

The most important duty of care for a large organisation is the safety and security of its personnel. The skills and knowledge that this training provides enable employees to be fully equipped for a worst-case scenario that may occur as a result of international socio-political issues in 2017. For example, large corporate financial institutions could be a target for armed robbery and terrorism with subsequent hostage situations. That being said, employees must have the appropriate knowledge and manner to deal with these situations as safely as possible to avoid damage and bloodshed.

What is included in HEAT Training?

Throughout the duration of these types of training topics, individuals will more than likely be involved in various hostile environment/situation simulations. These simulations will boost the awareness of the severity of these situations in real life, as there is a distinct possibility that employees in any large city or dangerous region across the world could potentially be faced with them. By recreating a wide scope of security threats, HEAT training helps channel the focus of each individual to decide on an appropriate response to scenario based questions, from which they can learn more about the correct actions to take after these scenarios play out.

This training will ensure individuals have the expertise and confidence to deal with a relevant situation appropriately. These courses are totally bespoke and can be moulded to the workplace in any major city, which enables our clients to generate a risk-management strategy in relation to relevant issues throughout their own part of the world, whether that means a natural disaster in Tōhoku or a terrorist incident in London.

For example, individuals can partake in first aid training, which will provide them with the abilities to positively impact a stressful crisis situation they may encounter. First aid training can potentially save lives because those that have been trained will have the essential knowledge which may be required for immediate action, the type of immediate action that would have been utilised to aid those who were seriously harmed in the recent Westminster terrorist attack.

What are the benefits of HEAT Training?

The duty of care – As an employer, you have a responsibility to communicate that all the available steps have been taken to counter your employees’ health and safety being risked. The implementation of this training for the workplace will reassure the upkeep of the duty to care for your workforce.

Confidence – This training will contribute to confidence levels in the workplace regarding the risks many of them face every day, simply by working in a certain part of the world or in a high profile terrorist target. Your workforce will feel safer due to an increased knowledge of hostile situations, and how to behave if something terrible was to occur. Employees are likely to feel motivated to learn further on any provided security subject matter if they are a part of a workforce growing in confidence surrounding these issues. Moreover, it’s great PR for companies with a global image of security to upkeep.

Guidance – A learning and development programme for crisis management can provide the correct guidance for employees throughout these training exercises. This will provide the leadership required to diffuse levels of panic and stress should these situations ever occur. Sufficient leadership skills would be essential in the situation of an active shooter. This will benefit the preparedness of your workforce when fully implemented as employees will have increased levels of confidence, and more importantly guidance on the right actions to take to save lives and remain safe. A confident attitude towards a stressful situation will enable employees to deal with the matter more appropriately and effectively.

Fresh01 have developed a wide range of active shooter, cyber security, data protection and general security awareness training projects for blue chip clients, and if you’d like to get in contact we would be more than happy to discuss a current security project or requirement your organisation has.