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Twitter, with 271 million monthly users who continuously scroll through their feed every thirty minutes, is fast becoming a pivotal marketing tool for many businesses. So, how can you make your account stand out from the 500 million tweets sent every day? Well, here are the tools you may be able to utilise in order to gain growth and a positive online image of communication with your customer base…

1. Canva

We’re constantly told by experts that smartphones are destroying our attention spans. Well, according to The Telegraph this is true. The smartphone revolution is now fully upon us. Humans are known to have an attention span of eight seconds. So, what can you do to capture the momentary flash of interest from the twitter community? Posts with photos and interesting images are on average 18% more likely to receive clickthroughs. Canva is a service that allows users to make professional looking posters and photographs which you can simply download and publish with ease. If you use Canva, you can be posting well-polished media content within the hour.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great tool to help with the management of your multiple business social media accounts. There’s a free edition which you can test out or there’s the paid professional subscriptions. One of the main selling points and features of this tool is that it allows for scheduled tweets to send out when you need them to. Though nobody likes spam tweeting, this tool helps you create a perfect schedule which is currently 30 minutes apart according to Neil Patel. With Hootsuite’s publisher function, you can set the system so that tweets are sent at specific times and intervals between each one. The TechGuru offers a range of features as well – most notably you can see when and how many times you’ve been mentioned on Twitter. For example, this tool will monitor your retweets, mentions and your messages. The site has a simple interface that makes user navigation simple. “Streams” are used to show the analytical aspects of your various media accounts.

3. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is a good way to manage and expand your list of followers. ManageFlitter works by using various criterion and offers suggestions to find new people to help increase followers with its comprehensive search facility. MangeFlitter also makes it simple to track when you have been unfollowed, by generating a clear list of twitter users that have unfollowed or not followed you back. The flagship feature offered is the chance for you to create a batch of users to select, then you decide who to follow and unfollow in bulk, therefore making the following/unfollowing element of your social media more efficient.

4. Demographics Pro

We’ve already talked about how great Twitter is for communicating and interacting with your customer base. Why stop there? You basically have a 271 million strong user database that can be utilised for research. Demographics Pro will track and log a wide range of information from age, gender, marital status, locations and much more. Demographics Pro also creates a comparison about how other users respond to your brand and then compares this information to that of competing companies. Additionally, another cool feature is that Demographic Pro will also identify the most relevant influencers on Twitter and other media platforms like YouTube.

5. Responses

The crucial component of social media is to make communication as easy and accessible to everyone as possible, and this is often achieved through responses and interactions – not one-way advertising traffic. That being said, it’s no surprise that customers expect responses from your organisation through your social media.

53% of people who tweet an organisation expect a reply within an hour and this increases to 72% if the individual is complaining about that company.

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