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Social media can be used as an excellent tool to improve the consistency of the marketing flow for your business, and Twitter is particularly good for this. People frequently use Twitter to discover what’s happening around the world at any given moment, share information and connect globally with businesses.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is what people often refer to as a micro-blogging platform or service, where people can instant message within the public eye. It is a less gated way of communication that allows informal and quick information to be shared within a community of people. Essentially, it is a constant stream of communication.

Why is Twitter important for a business?

For a business, Twitter can be extremely important. This is because people can spread the thoughts shared by a business to new places that are otherwise high unlikely to be reached through traditional forms of advertising, and also helps connect with employees and potential customers on a more personal level. Its benefit for businesses is more focused on building the overall brand image, as opposed to getting direct sales. Twitter helps to keep customers coming back and promotes businesses via ‘word of mouth’ electronically.

The social media platform’s search feature gives the business an opportunity to see what people are saying about them and their products or services. By using hashtags and keywords, businesses can find out more about their public reception. As a business owner, you can also reply to people’s comments and questions, thus leading to the creation of an online community surrounding your business or product and furthering the possibility for subsequent direct sales.

It is also beneficial to follow the right people on Twitter, and be in regular communication with your target audience in order to build effective marketing relationships. Some of these people will be great direct-response copywriters who can motivate their own followers to take action. The key here is to present useful information and resources on your Twitter account for followers to read and engage with. Many businesses see increases of enquiries in excess of 200% when using Twitter as an indirect marketing channel.

How does Twitter make enough money to survive?

Most of Twitter’s revenue is from sold advertising campaigns displayed on the social media platform. Almost 85% of the money that Twitter makes is through companies requesting to advertise. For a company or individual advertising on the platform there are three main ways to do so; promoting a tweet, promoting an account or promoting a trend.

5 most important reasons your business should use Twitter

Communication – It connects you to your customers, giving you the chance to start conversations with your target audience, which will in turn enable your business to engage other potential customers.

Brand Image – It will help to promote your company or a particular product/service through consistent online advertising with a consistent, distinctive design for your brand image.

Tracking – In order to become viral across the social media network, you need to create meaningful promotional messages and use scheduled marketing strategies that you can come back to in the future for the purposes of tracking and measurement.

Competition – You will have the chance to analyse the social media activities of your competitors, take note of their promotional offers and see what customers are saying about their products and services in comparison to your own.

Brand Loyalty – You can engage and help your customers learn more about your products and services via Twitter, which in itself encourages customers to communicate and build personal relationships with your brand. Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction in being able to talk to their service or products of choice is an excellent instigator of recommendations and referrals to your business.

Fresh01 have extensive experience working with brands on their desired brand identity, and an expression of this is an organisation’s social media profile. Get in contact today to see how we can offer an initial consultation and help your business grow through Twitter as a new channel for consumer awareness and sales.