We’re not being rude, but did you look in the mirror this morning? Of course you did, you look great! But have you scrutinised your company image as closely lately? Corporate life is busy, we know that, but consider the impression you make whenever a new customer looks at your business card, website or sales presentation. Here are three things to consider.

1. Is your company image still fresh? Just like the clothes you wear, the shoes you put on your feet and the way you cut your hair, design changes. Even the biggest brands evolve their identity over the years (think Pepsi, BT, Starbucks…). If your company’s image looks the same as it did five or ten years ago, consider if it reflects your business accurately. Fresh01 can provide a full brand review and redesign service, ensuring your identity is as fresh as our name.

2. Can your customers and prospects see you? Five years ago, we weren’t swiping tablets or smartphones, yet today 95 per cent of the population uses these devices to find a product or service. If your website isn’t optimised across all platforms, chances are you’re missing out on customers and the opportunity to grow your business. Our team has the expertise you need to take care of your site and ensure it is accessible – let us take the worry out of getting the technicalities sorted.

3. Are you slipping down the ranks? Visibility used to be simple – source the backlinks and you’re seen. Today, not so much as Google continues to move the goalposts on SEO. Take any offer to ensure your company is number one on Google with a very large grain of salt. Why not save your marketing budget and talk to us about an intelligent approach to SEO that ensures you work with the world’s number one search engine, not against it.

If you’re ready to make changes for the better, we’d love to talk with you and ensure that you achieve ROI in your marketing activity. Contact us for a no-obligation brand and marketing audit to help your company create standout in its sector and achieve those results you’re looking for.

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