Hello all! This is Ellie, Fresh’s American summer intern. Today is, sadly, my last day here at Fresh. I’m heading back to the states and taking the only presence of Estrogen in the office back with me- Fresh will be back to a boys club again!

I had a great time interning here with all the guys; working on everything from podcasts, to flash animations, to video storyboards,  to logos. I’ve learned a lot about design too; I know my programs better now, I’ve gotten to see how a firm operates, and everyone in the office has given me handfuls of tips, pointers, knowledge and help. I’ve learned more than design though… I can make a real cup of British tea now (at least I sure hope so, but maybe everyone’s been dumping theirs out when I’m not looking… They’d be too nice to tell me though.).

Some other little tidbits I’ve picked up in the last six weeks are…. Blue is the best band in the whole wide world, according to Kurt (only joking!). Ben is a “ginger”, but I’m not quite red-headed enough to join that category. The mushrooms-a-la gray-goop from Tesco is to be avoided at all costs. And instant coffee is actually pretty good!

But seriously, to sum up- I’ve had a wonderful time here. I’m really grateful to everyone here for not only giving me a great work opportunity, but also for teaching me so much and for being such a welcoming, hilarious group of guys. I’m sad to leave, but the States are a callin’ me, so I have to say goodbye to Fresh01.

So adios everybody, and thanks again!