Your success is our business… That’s why we only charge on results

Fresh01 has been providing marketing solutions for decades, taking pride in the fact that the success of our client’s campaigns directly affects our own. Our marketing team will fill your sales funnel with validated prospects putting your sales team directly in front of prospects. We are so confident in our processes our clients only pay for the introductions we create that match your exact criteria.

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Bespoke solutions for every client

Combining cutting-edge technology with years of experience, we build bespoke, targeted contact lists for upcoming campaigns. We take care of the sourcing, matching and initial introductions, driving leads directly into the sales teams inbox.

Personalised smart campaigns

Professional emails are composed by our in-house copy editors, smart campaigns are planned, and all responses monitored on your behalf. Non-responders are retargeted with intelligent, adaptive follow-ups so that no opportunities slip through the net.

We take care of the lengthy outbound process, passing on the hottest leads so that you can focus on closing sales.

Measured Results

We use in-depth statistics on campaigns, including opens, clicks, follow-ups, in addition to bespoke ROI and KPI analysis to ensure that our marketing is meeting your business needs.

With A/B testing, analysis, and refinement, we use the data to improve every future campaign, meaning that your marketing can only go from strength to strength. This process is scientific and data-driven, a far cry from dated inefficient cold-calling; however, the only measurement our clients need to be concerned about is the meeting and opportunities created.

Sales support material

In addition to getting you the customers, we can help you sell to them. We support our campaigns with a whole host of marketing materials including a refreshed website, dynamic sales presentations, beautiful case studies, and more. We can work directly with you to understand your customers, clarify your offering, and build an unstoppable sales machine.

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