The groundbreaking E-Learning programme from Fresh01 has won the 18th annual ‘Communicator Award’ of distinction for interactive media.

About the course:

Second Nature-Security Skills for the Traveler is a new and unique, multimedia rich, interactive e-learning course that has been developed exclusively for The Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Building on our success from other e-learning courses like Maxwell Lucas’ Travel Angel, and along with our extensive multimedia credentials, Fresh01 were asked to enter a competitive tender to develop an e-learning course for Lockheed Martin in 2010. Fresh01 won and were subsequently awarded the contract to develop Second Nature in June 2010, with scripts being delivered just 2 weeks later!

Developed over a period of 16 months, including close liaison with Lockheed Martin’s International Security Operations team in Bethesda, USA, Fresh01 engaged Lockheed Martin’s Corporate brand guidelines to create a course that would sit alongside the 3000 or so others already in The Lockheed Martin SABA Learning Management System.

Fresh01 were asked to treat Second Nature as a cluster of mini original feature film quality experiences with interactive questions at the end and during the course. All filming was captured in HD quality and then down-sampled to meet the SCORM demands of the SABA system. Each film was meticulously storyboarded and broken into bite sized pieces which were then signed off for accuracy prior to entering heavy periods of post production. The bespoke composed sound sculpture and music score has added hugely to the feel and scale of the course which greatly emphasises the depth of the films, brings pace, and links the whole visual together with the narration.