The multinational banking organisation, Barclays, needed to create a new and engaging cyber-security awareness film for its employees. In today’s world financial criminals are smart, sophisticated and robbing the global economy of about £266 billion a year, and so the film’s purpose was to highlight the crucial facts and statistics surrounding the severity of cyber-crime – including revenue loss and the detrimental impact the crime has on its victims.

In order to be a success the film needed to increase awareness of the problem within the company, create greater engagement within the wider training programmes and include understandable information on how employees can protect themselves against cyber-crime.


Barclays collaborated with Fresh01 to create an awareness film that could be easily watched from beginning to end, covering subject matters such as cyber-security awareness, statistics on the issues it has for the global economy, and the types of threats employees might come across. The film also showed the five groups that typically engaged in this sort of crime; nation states, organised criminal networks, cyber terrorists, hacktivists and insiders.

The film concluded with a summary of the actions being taken by Barclays to prevent such crimes, plus information on what employees should do in suspicious circumstances surrounding online banking along with a suggestion to visit the ‘Cybersecurity Awareness Icon’ on the Barclays website for further information.

It was vital that the film could be viewed with or without sound, so kinetic text was included to make key statements. Fresh01 also ensured that it was eye-catching, informative and engaging for the viewers, whilst still complying to Barclays exact brand guidelines.


Thousands of staff globally have benefited from viewing this informative film, and the key points for discussion have been shared with the Barclays Global Information Security team that employs over 800 people across the world to implement cyber and information security measures for both Barclays staff and customers.