Fresh01 have built the first generation of a complete suite of online digital security products for Maxwell Lucas. These products: TravelAngel, GlobalWatch, Trackmate and Lifeguard are designed to enable companies with operations in the UK meet their duty of care requirements under the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Acts of 2008.

TravelAngel is a unique groundbreaking e-learning course designed to engender a self awareness culture, Fresh01 designed and built in-house featuring Drupal6, After Effects, Premier, Logicpro and a highly creative deployment of graphics and moving image. TravelAngel displays content that showcases unique techniques developed by Fresh01 with After Effects and JavaScript. The visual imagery is all based around bold Kinetic text, which has become one of Fresh01’s signature graphic styles.

TrackMate is a web-based service, designed and produced from scratch by Fresh01. It allows a select group of administrators to monitor individual travel plans, manage travel authorisation depending on destination risk levels and enable individual travellers to access detailed travel risk information tailored to their itinerary using Global Watch as the source for information.

Using the built in email/SMS communications platform, Maxwell Lucas can react effectively when an incident occurs and locate and communicate with travellers. The whole system links with Flight stats to give real-time PNR and travel data on the fly. This is a very powerful product that Fresh01 are very proud to have completed on time and on budget.
GlobalWatch is a system uniquely providing access to over 200 countries worldwide and security reports covering the following headings; General Information, Embassy Links, Travel Risks, Culture, Cyber Security, Health Risks & Vaccinations and Terrorism and Security. Designed in one template using JavaScript instances, it reveals more information with each click. It is powered by a bespoke map connected to a powerful database, again using JavaScript to push the content directly and quickly to the screen.