Cutting through the online noise can be hard sometimes, can’t it…and drastic changes to search engines and a constantly evolving social media scene don’t make life easy for today’s online marketer.

Google algorithm updates have meant black-hat SEO techniques are out and if you get caught using them, you can find yourself landed with a penalty, which can have very damaging implications for a company. Meanwhile, social media has emerged as a power tool for engaging with a wider audience and promoting your brand online. As we know however, social media trends move quickly and keeping up with your audience is key.

This leaves many business owners looking at the marketing landscape and wondering where to start. Or perhaps you’ve had SEO success in the past, only to see the goalposts move and now have no idea how to get back to your rightful ranking position.

Here are some key pointers you can follow to revive your marketing strategy and ensure your tactics are fit for purpose in today’s evolving landscape.

The way people use social networks is changing and marketers need to adjust their techniques accordingly. With new channels joining the social media suite each year it can be hard to know which networks you should use to promote your business. This is where ‘social listening’ comes into play. Analyse when and where your target audience’s conversations are taking place and the kind of conversations they’re having. Not that we’re calling you a stalker of course, merely gaining valuable insight… With this data, you can ensure your carefully-crafted messages are seen by the people you wish to engage with.

Once you’ve decided which channels are right for your business,  you can start to look at the type of content you’ll need to produce. Not just any content though – it should be engaging, visual and most important of all, have that all-important ‘shareability’ factor.

As we’ve all read, Google has declared war on content spam and SEO malpractice with some pretty big household names experiencing huge drops in traffic after penalties from the world’s largest search engine. Why not check that your own site isn’t falling foul of current recommendations with our no-obligation SEO audit?

No matter how quickly things change in marketing, online engagement is still driven by the same key ingredient – quality content. Engaging, humorous, thought-provoking, visually-exciting content is what online audiences look for and what search engines want to deliver.

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