image showing staffThe growing frequency and complexity of client projects has meant bringing on board more talent. Meet the design team newbies making waves at Fresh01.

Ruth Evans came to Fresh01 from a market research company where she was the in-house designer. It had been her first role since completing an MA in graphic design. “Fresh01’s website was a revelation. I was impressed with the range of multi-media services it offered – everything from book cover design to music production. I couldn’t wait to be involved,” she said.

In less than five months at Fresh01, Ruth has worked on website design projects, book covers, videos and storyboarding and at each stage she has relished the challenge. “Thanks to a great, supportive team I’ve picked up the concepts quickly and been able to push that excellence through to all projects,” she says, “because I’ve been learning so many new things, my questioning every stage has strengthened the designs.”

Putting design principles into practice in different media and mastering the software has been fantastic but it’s book cover design where Ruth has really found her groove. Fresh01 counts a major, global book publisher amongst its client base and creating culture and genre-specific designs that embody the author’s vision is a thrill. “Working with the brand parameters and making sure the typography is spot on is as important as accurately representing what is inside the book,” she says. “I’m inspired by the books themselves, for example I’ve just finished a memoir about the 1,000 Islands on the St Lawrence River between the US and Canada – people build homes on these tiny islands so the houses look as though they are floating – now who wouldn’t be inspired by that?”

James Connolly came to Fresh01 through an unexpected route. Having studied design at university, he began working in a creative branding agency as a junior designer. Company restructuring meant the agency was no longer able to support a junior but he was offered a project manager role. For James, it was a great opportunity to hone his organisational skills but design has always been his first love. After a year, he left to take a design role with Fresh01. “It’s been amazing, I’m back doing what I love in a dynamic, supportive team,” he says.

Having been away from design for a while, James is committed to hard work and learning from the ground up. “I’ve been working on branding, brochures and flyers for a DNA sequencing client,” he says, “it’s not something that lends itself to wild arty flourishes. It requires you to be organised, methodical and considered because you have to make sure the branding message is consistent across all formats.”

James’ project management experience is being put to good use. “You have to be disciplined,” he says, “at every stage cross-reference that it is right for the client and the brand. I’m on such a positive learning curve and at a company where I feel supported to do great work.”

Emma Jones studied interactive media at college and design at university. Where better then, to cut her design teeth in the working world than at Fresh01? She’s been involved in book cover design and video storyboarding, learning on the go and enjoying every minute. “Working on the book covers offers such creative freedom,” she says, “but you also have to have the discipline to work within the brand’s parameters, so attention to detail is a must.” Emma says it’s an opportunity for the team to pull together and celebrate its strengths. “I feel so lucky to be able to draw on the talent and experience of those around me.”

Emma’s enthusiasm to learn everything she can and flex her creative muscles is mirrored by all three new designer starters. They represent a significant investment for Fresh01; an investment in its capabilities to take on bigger, more elaborate, more adventurous projects that push the creative boundaries and delight its clients.