A lot of people have been asking us how we created the music for, The Lockheed Martin elearning course, Second Nature.
The soundtrack and soundscaping were created using very innovative and original techniques and utilise many live instruments such as guitars, bass, harmonicas, harmoniums and, on occasions, a ukulele. The software used by Fresh is the very latest on the market in Music Production. For example, Logic Pro Studio which has its many instruments and plugins, such as the ESX24, which allows us to manipulate everyday sounds and create unique effects, for instance the angst in the hostage survival scenes and the interchange graphic ‘swish’ sounds. The U-He’s Filtascape plug-in allows us to create ambience and atmospherics, G-Forces Minimonsta and Re-FX’s QuadraSid Synthesizers as well as XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums, which has a variety of live recorded drum kits with the ability to detect velocity, giving them a human feel. This has been used to good effect on the trailer and introduction modules. Mixing was developed using PSP Audioware, Wavearts and Sonalksis’s range of EQ’s, Compressors, and Gates to add dynamics, range and warmth. All these are powered by our Apple quad-core towers, which are run through our Apogee Assemble sound card and exported through our Quested F11 Monitors for the clearest output.

Film production was created in HD using sony HVR cameras, and post production was in Adobe Premier and After Effects. Over 90 days of footage was shot to create the 1 hour course, and approximately 1 week of effort per 1 minute of CGIi for each film. Synchronisation and rendering was completed by clustering 3 Quad-Quadcore apple G5 machines.