direct mail marketing

600 channels, millions of websites, but only one letterbox for direct mail…

The majority of new start-up companies in recent years have devoted their advertising efforts to methods based online, and for good reason. Online marketing can be much more cost-effective, it allows you to reach a larger audience quickly and has essentially globalised the marketing reach of pretty much every industry you can think of. It could be argued that marketing has somewhat moved on, and in the opinion of most marketing directors, has left the traditional print behind, but is it really finished?

Why would you consider using print? There are plenty of good reasons why print is still a valid media to use. Namely, not everyone is online. You’d be forgiven for not considering the advantages of print these days, with everything being internet based, Facebook this, eBay that, but if you have a product that appeals beyond users of the internet, you could be wilfully missing out on sales. Many of the more senior generations are still offline, with those aged 65 and up cited as responding to more direct-mail marketing than any other demographic.

Some households aren’t even online, though the number may have reduced dramatically compared to 10 years ago. Take Dominos Pizza for an example, they have made a strong online presence, however, they have also maintained their efforts with printed advertisements with excellent results based on the localised marketing efforts of specific franchises.

Secondly, tangible advertisements stand out. Whether it’s for good reasons or bad, you can guarantee that somebody will eventually physically take some kind of action with your advertisement when interacting with it (even if that means placing it in the paper recycling). which is more than can be said for an email, even after it’s made its way through a junk filter. However, keep in mind that you’re going to need a good quality product if it’s going to stand out.

This is more than what can be said for some instances of email marketing, especially when you consider that many scattergun email marketing campaigns find their way directly into junk filters without ever presenting themselves to the target audience. However, keep in mind that you’re going to need a good quality advertisement if it’s going to stand out on a potential customer’s front door mat.

What was once the marketing route of every local company could now be a niche…

The shift to online platforms by most small companies for the majority of their marketing and advertising efforts has arguably left a hole, a niche that can now be effectively utilised for those that see the opportunity through traditional direct mail adverts. Adults under the age of 24 are more responsive to direct mail than many believe, it’s argued that younger people find direct mail more memorable as they simply receive less of it.

69% of consumers aged 18 to 24 prefer to read print communications versus screen. I’m not sure about you, but I received 50 spam emails yesterday – in no way personalised or targeted to me specifically. They were all deleted as you can imagine.

The world of online advertising is a world that young people have been submerged in since birth, so opting for direct mail instead with the right graphic designs to stand out visually is going to have its appeal.

What was once the norm, due to the growth of the digital age, has now become the alternative advertising method. If a business is delivering to my front door, they are likely to be local.

The concept of posting traditional paper-based adverts through the front door letterbox is great for promoting your business locally, for local SME’s this could prove a once overlooked, but very efficient sales tool. Culture has changed, and people now expect tonnes of marketing emails, not letters.

Some actually disapprove of the multinational corporate machines that have grown with globalisation. Rather than opt for the high street chains and monopolies for their consumer products, many now choose to support local enterprises and produce instead.

In order to compete with the biggest established competitors in your market, many SME’s now need to capitalise on local customer bases. In order to achieve customers locally, many need to develop more personal relationships with their customers and build a community around their business. That being said, the point is a personal letter sent to a local or select few will make much more of an impact on potential customers than a generically addressed mail sent to thousands.

With personalised and creative direct mail marketing, comes a necessity to stand out visually. Get in contact with Fresh01 to find out how we can offer support through our experience in Graphic Design, or have a look at the Print Management service page for more information on how this could apply to a new direct mail marketing campaign.