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For businesses, social media is mainly used to increase brand awareness and loyalty. It provides a platform for personal communication and a personal brand experience for customers, insight on competitors and lets companies share content faster and easier than ever before, in order to target an audience that is potentially ever-increasing in size.


Over 1.5 million companies globally use Instagram to promote visually, so that customers notice their products through the use of engaging imagery. Instagram can quickly spread awareness for your business, product or service. It secures large gatherings of potential customers who can then learn more about your business’ aims and eventually increase product sales. In fact, the viewing of business promotions, videos and advertisements has increased 150% in the last six months, more than ever before on the platform. It has never been a better time to begin using the platform.

Statistics show that 60% of users discover new products on Instagram and a further 75% take action after seeing it.

What does Instagram do for a business?

Instagram allows businesses to get real-time metrics on how the promotions are performing on any given day, exactly how your followers and audiences interact with the posts and enables you to add information about your company.

Instagram gives businesses the opportunity to invite followers to effectively window shop online, thus giving them a taste of your product or service. You can share your products instantly and explain any required information in the times of potential purchases through direct messaging.

Consumers thrive on behind the scenes imagery of your business because it allows them the chance to look at how your product is manufactured, or if it’s a service – carried out. This provides your followers an insight into your company, how it works and where or how their products and services are created and delivered to them.

Instagram can also provide your customers a sneak peek into developments of your business. Before you unveil your next steps, you can promote special offers or discounts to keep them on their toes. This will also gain you followers as people will be encouraged to follow you to find out more once enticed into the right product/service release.

Instagram makes your company more personal to the public, it shows your audience there is more to the business than just the work. Holding company events and displaying them across your account show consumers information about the employees of your business. Customers love to see the people behind their favourite product.

4 ways that Instagram can benefit your business

Connecting with clients and customers – You can talk and share informal information with potential clients and customers of your business through instant messaging, in addition to your pictures on your profile page.

Real time marketing – Instagram allows you to show your audience your story on Instagram. Capture and share moments live throughout the week that will catch people’s eye for immediate reactions and share with your extended network.

Grow a huge following, fast – You can dramatically increase your follower count in a short space of time in order to increase your opportunities for promoting, communicating and ultimately selling the products and/or services your business provides.

Constantly build upon your brand image – The expression ‘a picture says a thousand words’ has never been more appropriate. The right images posted at the right time can create huge reactions on the platform with people sharing and commenting on your posts. Instagram is an extremely cost-efficient method of uploading images of your company to build upon your existing branding collateral to an audience which will always grow when the content is timed correctly and interesting to look at.

Fresh01 have extensive experience working with brands on their desired brand identity, and an expression of this is an organisation’s social media profile. Get in contact today to see how we can offer an initial consultation and help your business grow through Instagram as a new channel for consumer awareness and sales.