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In an increasingly online world, expenditure on a website is a critical element of your brand identity, moreover the perception of your quality as a company to a consumer (or their lack of). Now in 2017, over 83% of your target audience will visit you online before deciding to buy something from you, be it a product or service.

That being said, it stands to reason that more and more base their purchases on the perception of not only the products themselves but the website in which they are displayed. Think of a website as a shop floor. If it’s unclean and messy, with products scattered all over the shop while being hard to navigate, people will be reluctant to make a purchase.

Conversely, if a shop floor is neat, tidy and the consumer can see that the shop takes pride in its appearance, this will subconsciously provide confidence in the mind of that consumer. They will be reassured that what they are buying is a high quality and the buying process will be easy. These rules now apply online as well. It’s all about accessibility; accessibility to navigate, learn about the products and buy them easily without stress or confusion.

So you need a new website, now you need to ask yourself some questions…

Does your company need a unique structure/layout?

If the answer is yes then a custom WordPress theme design is the way to go. If your desired structure can be seen on lots of other websites, then it’s probably a job which can be completed using a simple existing theme customisation purchased off the shelf and edited to show your brand identity.

How large/complex is your desired website?

If it needs to take your audience on a journey that needs navigation to specific pages which may not be immediately obvious, often seen in products and services with longer purchase time frames, then bespoke is what you need. If your desired website will be small and simple, for example only 5-10 pages, then an off the shelf theme should suffice once customised to your branding.

Have you already spotted some templated themes you like?

If the purpose of your website is simply for your audience to have a quick read and call you when interested in hearing more about something you offer, then off the shelf is the way for you.

How much time do you have?

A custom bespoke design can take months to build, while simple templated themes can be bought off the shelf and customised within a week if required. Do you need a quick turnaround to show the senior management body of your organisation, or do you want to take the time necessary to manage the build of a bespoke website?

How much money do you want to spend?

You could expect to pay anything from £8000 upwards for a bespoke build, while professionally constructed templated off the shelf websites can be bought, customised and made live for as little as £2000. As tempting as it may be to look on Gumtree for the absolute cheapest providers, namely individuals with some experience who often perform this work beside their full-time jobs, it’s just not a good move. Trust us when we say that a website designed and built for £500 in 2017 will not register and attract interest from any Google searches related to your product or service. The expression ‘you get what you pay for’ has never been truer.

Now you have read some need to knows, can we help? Fresh01 have decades of experience in both Custom WordPress Theme Design and Theme Customisation. Having so much experience in building both, it’s second nature to us when considering what will be appropriate for you and your organisation’s website design, so get in touch now to see how we can provide the right one for your organisation.

Having an excellent website is one part of the puzzle, but keeping your content updated regularly is the key to inbound marketing and search engine optimisation – getting the attention you need from what people search for online. We can help here as well so watch this space for our upcoming blog on the importance of SEO.

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