A Fresh face                                                                                                

Sorry, we couldn’t resist. But, more seriously, we are delighted to announce that Greg Feltham has joined Fresh01 as a director, looking at opportunities in both existing and new areas. Having worked as both a supplier and customer with Fresh01 over the years, his vision is to help us develop our client base and build on our multimedia portfolio. Read our 60-second interview with Greg and then why not give us a call to book a date to meet up – he’d love to learn more about you and your company.

So, Greg, why Fresh01?

I have known and worked with Kurt for many years and the thing that continually impressed me during that time was the amazing creative projects he and his team have delivered. In particular, the work Fresh01 has produced for Lockheed Martin Corporation continues to be stronger, year-on-year, and really illustrates the company’s integrated approach to a client’s brief. It’s this cross-platform thinking that I find inspiring and, well, Fresh.

What do you see as the big opportunity ahead?

Amazingly, Fresh01 has never marketed itself since it started in 2001. I think that speaks volumes about its abilities when you look at the breadth and quality of its client list which has developed organically over the past decade. Now, our thinking is to actively market what Fresh01 does so well in terms of brand development and creative projects. I see huge opportunities for growth and we are already attracting interest in investment to take the business forward, so watch this space!

What’s your elevator pitch? What does Fresh01 do best?

Everything! Our niche lies in the fact that we are genuinely platform neutral. We approach a client’s project without any preconceived ideas based on our skillset – if the need is for a website, a video, an app or print-based solution, we can deliver in any medium or several media to the same level of excellence.

What’s the freshest thing at Fresh01?

We are always looking at trends and injecting new thinking into our approach and skillset. Although it’s not necessarily a new idea, we’ve recently produced a high quality e-learning platform for British Gas and Centrica, which offers a globally integrated and cost-effective solution . Despite the recent economic pick-up, clients can see the value of digital products for this type of need – maybe one of the post-recession learnings is that just because the training budget is back in place, there’s no need to spend it needlessly when a digital solution can work more effectively. Along with huge e-learning opportunities, I think this trend has the potential to be developed across other business areas too.

What’s the hottest trend you’re seeing at the moment?

Fresh01 has been creating content for its clients since its inception, but the current emphasis on the quality of content in both attracting and retaining customer audiences means that our services are more relevant and valuable than ever before. As the goalposts continue to shift on SEO, it’s never been more important to continually focus on how you can maintain a dialogue with customers through interesting content, and I think Fresh01 has a key part to play in helping its customers deliver this across all platforms and channels.

Get in touch with Greg or call 0118 979 8593.