It’s fair to say the team at Fresh01 is used to thinking on a global scale. So when risk management provider Protection Group International (PGI) tasked Fresh01 with the development of a risk portal to serve its global clients, Fresh01 rose to the challenge. The result is a world-class product that allows PGI to keep its clients up to date with intelligence and analysis on geopolitical events, security incidents and worldwide business-relevant threats on a day-to-day basis.

PGI have long been cutting-edge experts in risk assessment and analysis of global environments, helping to protect human, physical, legal, intellectual, financial and operational assets. The launch of PGI Risk Portal has provided a single, user-friendly mechanism for a company to detail and share daily incident reports, comparative maps and risk assessments. This vital platform helps clients manage their exposure to changing political and security risks, understand their operating environment and minimise business disruption accordingly.

PGI Risk Portal

fig 1: User is presented with a world map of  incidents from the past 24 hours

The solution is a testament to PGI’s global intelligence capabilities. PHP-based, this responsive HTML5 intuitive portal incorporates Google Maps and custom reporting using High Charts. It works on all dashboard and mobile devices to provide analysis on national and regional trends. Clients have the world at their fingertips.

Both internal stakeholders and external clients have been quick to laud the achievements of the PGI Risk Portal and its subscription base is growing steadily. There are additional features and upgrades already in the pipeline.

Tom Bacon, Geopolitical Director for PGI adds: “Fresh01 has helped produce a world-leading risk analysis platform. The powerful design, easy to use interface and excellent information on the Risk Portal are now benefiting hundreds of companies worldwide.”

If you would like to discuss bespoke software developments to streamline your business offering, please contact Greg Feltham, Managing Director at [email protected].  

PGI Risk Portal screens

fig 2,3 & 4:  Each screen highlights key information about various incidents. These are collated every day and distributed to the user’s email. The user can also change view to show the ‘threat ratings’ for each country. Each country has a dedicated profile assessing the security environment, as well as the maritime landscape and the business risks.PGI Risk Portal screen 4bfig 5,6 & 7:  The portal houses thousands of PGI records containing in-depth insights for review. A powerful, bespoke, charting capability allows users to select data sets, customise threats and perpetrators over any time frame. The possibilities are infinite. Each chart produces a graphical representation of data, and allows comparisons across countries and cities.PGI Risk Portal screens 3fig 8:  Close up of chart engine.Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.33.14fig 9:  The portal is cross browser, device compatible and fully responsive.