Great Britain vs the USA in the first-ever race for the powerboat global circumnavigation World Record

With Gibraltar officially declaring its support for the British entry for the Around the World powerboat race between UK and USA later this year, Fresh01 were asked to design and produce the race document certificate.

Our certificate was presented at a ceremony held at the Parliamentary offices of Gibraltar, and attended by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo. The winner will be awarded with a perpetual trophy entitled the ‘Gibraltar Cup.’

‘The signing of the Race document now makes it all very official and real,” commented Team UK captain Alan Priddy, “and I am extremely pleased that the team of Accomplish More has a fixed home in which to challenge for the trophy, and prevent the American team from stopping us saying that Britannia rules the waves. Up until the signing of this document, Gibraltar has just been accepted as a place to start a voyage or stop for fuel. Now it has become the ancestral home for all global powerboat attempts.’ -Alan Priddy, Team Leader

You can find out more about the Race here