Fresh01 are excited to announce the win of a new client, Popgentech. Fresh01 will be creative partners delivering digital, film and print to support their ongoing expansion and marketing plans. Popgentech are a vibrant ScienceTech company that has developed a unique approach for the ‘rapid identification of rare genetic variants in large populations, This approach represents a significant advancement in the identification and utilisation of genetic biomarkers, which are fundamental to the development of personalised medicine.’ The approach uses the process of population filtering to target human healthcare, “it is an exciting time for Fresh01 to be part of this process of what we consider ‘new learning’. Working closely with Jason Mundin, Director of Collaborations, and Frank Massam CCO, Fresh01 will be creating a dynamic visual language that will help Popgentech bring their product to market in a new and exciting way bucking the current trends” Kurt Ozficici, managing director states.


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