As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we were delighted to donate our design skills to the Wokingham branch of national charity Home-Start, a charity providing home-visiting support to families with young children. This practical volunteer-based resource offers families both practical and emotional support and helps over 32,000 families every year.

Home-Start operates through a combination of private, corporate, government and philanthropic funding. Whilst the Wokingham branch were delighted to be awarded a Heritage Lottery grant a few years ago, the need for their services is growing and with this in mind, we wanted to contribute in a meaningful way by designing their annual report this year, with Foster Wheeler generously donating the printing of the report.

We spoke with Mandy Özfiçici, who has been working with the 100% rated Wokingham branch for over four years, firstly as a home-visiting volunteer before moving to her current role of Scheme Co-ordinator three years ago. She shared that watching relationships develop with volunteers and families is the most rewarding part of her job. She is always so pleased when a family no longer needs a volunteer as this means they have managed to make it through the difficult period and feel strong enough to face parenting alone.

Home-Start relies on the support of volunteers to ensure they can continue to support, and indeed, increase the number of families they can help across the borough. Without this vital support and donations received, the charity would find it very difficult to offer the level of support it currently provides.

The impact on families who receive support from Home-Start is obvious, with one family claiming that the work the charity does “has made a big difference to the whole family.” Volunteers also love working with families, with one volunteer proud to say that “Home-Start volunteering has helped to put my own life into perspective, and also shows how support and friendship can make such an amazing difference to young families.”

You can find out more information about the charity here


image of annual report (image of different families)