Fresh Not Athletic - back to the bottom

Fresh Not Athletic continue their meteoric fall to the bottom of League 3 in the Power Soccer league. After a brief interruption when they found themselves in second to last place, the team pulled together and re-established themselves as rock-bottom.

The captain, Mark ‘Hacker’ Mackney, was heard speaking to reporters stating, ‘the overwhelming support that we have received from our fan has made the lads pull together, despite regular injuries the determination to concede as many goals as possible is second to none. We hope to continue this magnificent display of unfitness in the remaining four games of the competition’.

This report follows Fresh Not Athletics latest feature where the team looked down and out after scoring three goals, however when the final whistle was blown – normality was restored with the opposing team scoring 6 goals. Keep it up boys!
Final Score: Fresh Not Athletic 3 – AE United 6

Author: Danny