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If you own a consumer business and you’re not using Facebook for your social media, you’re missing out. You’re missing out on a solid brand image, you’re missing out on a direct conversation with your customers, and most importantly, you’re missing out on those extra sales.

Remember, authenticity can’t be faked. In order to really do well on social media, you’re going to need to understand the different platforms and the users that populate them.

A mistake that many new marketers make is taking the assumption that ‘all publicity is good publicity’, and running with it. You need to post platform-relevant content; if you write an article, there’s not much to be gained from trying to publicise it on Instagram (believe me, we have seen it attempted), and memes that do well on Facebook simply don’t make sense to the hardcore users of Snapchat.

That being said, Fresh01 has broken down the different platforms making waves in 2017 and provided some insight into the software in each case, in addition to the users and the appropriate content for each one out there for your benefit. With the correct insights, you can grab the opportunities when recognised on your social media going forward.


Facebook is a well-known free long range interpersonal communication site, now what most know as a social networking site, that permits enlisted users to make profiles, transfer photographs and videos, send messages and stay in contact with friends, family and business associates where applicable.

Users generally post updates about their lives and this can be as often or as infrequent as they like. It can be what someone is doing on any particular day or movies, music, celebrities, products and services that a user has got to know and wants to share with their friends. When you share things on Facebook with your circle of friends, others who know you may request to have access to your profile (depending on your visibility settings) and become your friend on Facebook.

Algorithms in Facebook will suggest friends who you may know but are not connected with online, this is based on your mutual contacts. This is how your circle of contacts can grow very quickly, so to can the reach of posts businesses place on their pages which attract attention.

The users

In reality, everyone is on Facebook. This is the best platform for reaching the widest demographic(s), from teenagers to silver surfers and everyone in between. Although Facebook is a ‘personal network’, your doctor and your lawyer are probably on there in a personal capacity – which means that you can reach almost anyone, of any age if you know how and you mix in the right circles.

The content

Why is Mark Zuckerberg one of the richest people in the world? The answer is simple, data is valuable. Because users willingly upload so much personal information to fill out their profiles, Facebook is a godsend for advertisers who pay to deliver super targeted content.

The strategy

To be concise, the rule of thumb as with a lot of things content related including Facebook is quality rather than quantity. Posting about every minuscule detail about your life or business on Facebook is a guaranteed way to have people unfollow your updates so they no longer see them when logging in or possibly even unfriending you so you no longer have an online connection with someone.

This is something many individuals overlook but make sure to fill out ALL the information on your business profile page, blank spaces are never a good look. Use the header image to your advantage by making it bright, attractive and high-resolution. It can be off-putting when seeing a large blurry image that has been blown up out of proportion for the header.

Post consistently but not for the sake of it. If you have no updates about the business to post, don’t make something up to fill the void as this will only become a nuisance to your target audience.

If there is something that is a consistent post month to month or week to week, you can pin these posts to the top of your profile page as a constant reminder to your customers that for example, a special offer is active for an entire calendar month, regardless of other things posted by your business in the month.

Use hashtags, many do not but this is something not to be dismissed. It has been proven that postings WITHOUT hashtags often perform better than those that do. Despite this social networking sites are increasingly becoming like search engines so the right hashtags used with an advised maximum of no more than two hashtags on the end of your posts can provide good insight into ones that work and engage audiences against others that do not.

Analyse your insights section as what you do not measure, you cannot improve. The insights section of the site is very easy to find and can show your progress against the competing businesses you are following, whilst informing you of the times of day your audiences are online so as to engage with them more in the future by posting at a time people will see it.

Following on from the above, what you measure, you can plan. Just like all other forms of advertising, planning is crucial in fulfilling an objective or goal for your social media. It needs a purpose beyond simply letting people know you exist online.

Target accordingly. In addition to organic posts you write and upload, you can pay for automated adverts that will pop up in people’s news feeds just as if you were posting yourself. Fill in your desired target demographic groups and their geographical locations, set the content of the advert to some of your most crucial information and analyse the insights regularly to check its performance and value money.

Fresh01 have an extensive experience of working with brands on their desired brand identity, and an expression of this is an organisation’s social media profile. Get in contact today to see how we can offer an initial consultation and help your business grow through Facebook as a new channel for consumer awareness and sales.

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