Over the last month, we have been busy helping our client Just Between Us™ prepare for their attendance at Pride London. The creative brief included the design and production of event collateral including flyers, tent entrance banners, wall drops, pull-up stands and water bottles.

image of stand (advertisement) with volunteers wearing matching tops supporting the brand

The event itself was a huge success, with the team at Just Between Us™ receiving great feedback from both the public and the event organisers who commended them on their vigilance and forward thinking on handing out hundreds of branded water bottles to the public, helping the crowds stay hydrated and refreshed over the weekend.

Pride London is just one of the many events included within the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and one which gave the team the perfect environment to raise awareness of the importance of sexual health and regular tests.

Just Between Us™ is a Source BioScience Plc company, focusing on providing a convenient, discreet online STI testing service which guarantees privacy, accuracy and gives access to treatment and professional advice.

image of logo in a booth with bottles of water stacked up

Fresh01 have a long-standing relationship with Source BioScience Plc, providing creative support across both internal and external marketing, including flyers, adverts, brochures and online collateral. We are also responsible for website design and development and rebranding projects for new business acquisitions as required.  We recently completed another project for Just Between Us™ which included an updated corporate identity and a website redesign. This has given the brand a stronger contemporary aesthetic and the ability to visually stand out online with stronger conviction.

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