eLearning Calculator

This page will give you further information about all the different aspects you may need to consider when developing a eLearning course.

How long do you think your course will be?

Course Length

The length of the course is one of the most important contributing factors for a successful eLearning experience. Our research suggests that after 20 minutes of learning the average user will require a mental break. This doesn’t necessarily mean your course length can only be 20 minutes maximum but does allow you to think in more detail about adding video, images or interactive question types to break up content into bite-sized chunks for the user.

Modules & Chapter

Modules are fragmented parts of the full course to seperate different topics. This allows the learner to easily keep track of learning and makes learning more memorable. To further enhance this technique, some eLearning course create subsections inside of the modules called chapters.

Do you have content for your course?


This can be anything subject related that you or your organisation may have produced. Here at Fresh01 we receive content in all different types, from powerpoint presentations, videos and scripts. We use what you provide and collate a outline that gives a clear idea of what your course will cover. This then allows us to take all of your provided content and break it up into chapters and modules.


This is simply a structured document that maps out the course content into a journey from start to finish. This document allows us to then visualise your course content into storyboards and eventually informative videos. Often these informative videos are overlaid with a voiceover that is directed by the script. If you have a part of a script, thats great. We can help review and recycle it for the purpose of the course. If you do not have a script, That not a problem as we can help provide you with one.

How would you like us to visualise your course?

Still & Moving Images

Still images: This is essentially like a powerpoint presentation with images in each slide. There is no motion or kinetic typography. This is the most basic way to interpret your course content into something visual.

Moving image: These can be stock footage, bespoke footage, animations, motion graphics and CGI. The main difference is that these are videos and not still images.

A mix of both still images and moving images is usually the best way to visualise your course content.

What type of footage do you require for your course?

Stock Footage & Bespoke Footage

Stock Footage: These are generic shots that we can provide via our extensive footage library. On the other hand these shots may have been used before on our other projects and will not be exclusive to your course.

Bespoke Footage: If you require any footage that are specific, Our production crew can go out get the exact shot you require using our state of the art filming equipment.

Does your film need any Special Location shots?

Generic Location

Generic locations for your bespoke filming can been locations that either you can provide or are easy to find such as office building and work environments.

Special Location

In some cases you may require a very specific set of shots. This could be a certain scenario or location that requires our production crew to go out and capture it for you. If you have all this information, thats great but if you require a shot like this and cannot provide a location, give us as much information regarding these shots so our team can make suggestions and capture these shots exactly how you want. These locations can be places like airports, military bases or shooting abroad.

Do you have any existing assets for your course?

Existing Assets

If you or your organisation have any images, concept sketches, storyboards,
videos or any other type of media or physical materials that you feel may help in the production your course, please send this over to us. The more information and material we have from you the better !

Do you require visual effects for your course?

Basic animation

This is our most basic package. This includes logo/icon animation and simple text/graphic element animation over video footage

Advanced Motion Graphics

This is our most popular package. This includes things like 2D character and object animation and takes our simple animation package to a more advanced level.

Bespoke CGI

This is our high end package. Select this if you require us to create something very unique using high end visual effects techniques such as 3D modelling, 3D animation and custom computer generated imagery (CGI).

Do you require a professional voice-over?


A piece of narration over the instructional videos created for the course, not accompanied by an image of the speaker. The voiceover helps guide the learner through the course videos and explain what is being visualised throughout the course.

Do you require a soundtrack, sound effects or music?

Sound Effects (SFX)

These are artificial or digitally created sounds to enhance the visual content in the course. They allow the learner to have a more immersive experience. This can be sounds such as doors creaking.

Full Bespoke Sountrack

A recording of the musical accompaniment of a film.Composed and produced entirely at Fresh01 studios using a variety of instruments from guitar, ukelele, synthesises bass and Keyboards. Assembled using logic pro.

Stock Music and Effects

These are generic soundtracks and effects that are sourced from online libraries to save time on course production.

See our examples below:

Sound Effects (SFX)

Full Bespoke Sountrack

Stock Music and Effects

What question types would you like for your course?

Move your mouse over each question type to learn more about them.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

A Drag & Drop questions allows the learner to drag an item and place it into its correct drop space.

True or False

True or False

True-false questions are used to measure the learner’s ability to identify whether a given statement is correct.

True or False

True or False

True-false questions are used to measure the learner’s ability to identify whether a given statement is correct.

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

A question with multiple options/answers out of which learners must choose the right one.

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks

A  phrase or a sentence with an empty space(s) indicating where the learner should provide the missing word.



A Numeric question is one that requires the user to enter the correct numeric value or range.



Allows the user to define areas on a slide and provide feedback based on the user’s interaction with them.

Would you like any advanced interactive features for your course?

Advanced Interactive Features

These features take a normal eLearning course and give it a higher level of interactivity. This is a completely custom option that will require us to gather from you all the information required to make your course as interactive as you would like. Some of these features include leaderboards where learners can compete amongst peers, Interactive quizzes to break away from the basic Q&A format and many other industry standard gamification techniques.