Don't judge a book by it's cover

World Book Day is fast approaching. It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. On the first Thursday of March, children from all over the world gather and celebrate reading and education. World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries.

UNESCO and National Book Tokens will send those registered nurseries and secondary schools, packs of book tokens and age-ranged World Book Day Resource Packs in the hopes of giving young children the opportunity to have books of their own. Each year, a selection of £1 books are offered to young readers across the UK, with 13 million given away over the last 19 years.

How will you stand out?

As a parent or teacher, this day is an opportunity to promote the importance of reading to the younger generation. As a child, World Book Day is a chance to get the gift of education for free. As an author, it’s a chance to share your work with a much larger audience. This congregation of enthusiastic readers and people is a great benefit to authors; it means that you have effectively gathered your target audience in one place. So, what’s the next step? Standout…

Despite the proverb, unfortunately, we do judge a book by its cover. One publisher has said that three-quarters of independently submitted work are overlooked due to a poorly designed cover. That being said, with celebrations of World Book Day gathering thousands in clusters all over the globe, how are you going to stand in terms of the cover design process?

Who can benefit?

Although World Book Day is heavily promoted in schools to encourage reading in the younger generation, the festival is still a great opportunity for those with a more mature audience to shamelessly self-promote. The London Book Fair is on the 14th – 16th of March this year, with 25,000 publishing professionals arriving in London Olympia for the week long fair to learn, network and kick off their year of business.

This provides the perfect opportunity for authors and publishers to make some noise about new material, whether physically promoting at a stand within the fair to make sales or making their presence known on social media and promoting their website.

Marketing as an author

Independent publishing is more common now than ever. The internet has allowed the world to connect and companies such as Amazon have made publishing easier than ever for your budding novelist. Yes, this is true, but what’s the point of publishing yourself if you’re not selling anything? Self-publishing means that you can get your finished products to market, quickly and cheaply, The only thing you are necessarily missing out on is the reputation of an established publisher brand’s logo on the back cover of your book, not the end of the world we would argue.

Self-publishing authors need to promote just like any other business to make consumers aware that they are in the marketplace. Promotion, merchandising, social media and websites are all effective techniques used to promote new works. These promotional tools are great when trying to generate interest. Pull up banners and merchandise are great for drawing attention and work particularly well for book-signings and other promotional events, the London Book Fair being a prime example.

Fresh01 have extensive experience in the marketing industry and offer book promotional services, so for more information and enquiries on how we can help you as an author please contact us and we will be more than happy to support your commercial writing potential.