Continuing our 10 year plus relationship with DB Consulting, Fresh01 were commissioned to designed and produce a new, vibrant corporate information document highlighting DB Consulting’s ‘Agile Evolved’ approach to project delivery. The concept of working ‘Agile’ is one that is close to our heart at Fresh01, being flexible in delivery, whilst working at pace and with a bullet proof, proven structure. So it came as no surprise that we were able to hit this one running! The final piece succinctly nails the issues, and shows clearly the DB Consulting approach and methodology. You can check out the online version here!

agile evolved retains the lightweight process and speed of ‘pure’ agile. Sprint-based iterative development – rapid evolution – remains at the heart of our approach.

Agile is not a ‘silver bullet’. But if you believe, as we do, that an iterative approach to software development is both more natural and more effective than the traditional waterfall process, the question becomes: when should we use agile? and how can we work in an agile way within the constraints of good corporate governance.

agile evolved defines our approach to resolving the tension between agility and governance, in a way that allows us and our customers to achieve the benefits of agile – accelerated delivery, lower cost, higher quality – whilst complying with wider corporate governance responsibilities.

Our approach is collaborative, realistic, and effective. But most importantly, it works. DB Consulting

Fresh01 has worked closely with DB Consulting on numerous exciting projects including Brand evolution, website build, web and mobile apps, a mobile web game for tablet devices, logo production and direct marketing and exhibitions, just to name a few. You can see many more examples at this link.





You can check out the online version here!