How to Create a Self-Publishing Group on Social Media

Self-publishing is when someone independently publishes their work and it’s all at their own expense as opposed to being commissioned by an established publisher. If you have a novel sitting on your computer that the world needs to see and read, get in contact with us on how we can help you through the entire process from copy to book trailer promotion via social media. Self-Publishing groups on platforms like Facebook and Twitter can prove invaluable in alternative advertising for your latest book. People love to discuss the intricacies of a great book, and doing so online is a great way to increase your reach as an author.

Branding is of the utmost importance before you start promoting anything on social media; you need to create a bio and photos for each social networking platform that you sign up to. Some of the best sites for self-publishing include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. They have huge potential reaches to a book’s target audience and the cost per acquisition or sale can prove very cheap indeed if executed correctly.

Identify and get to know your audience, this will enable active engagement in the conversations surrounding your books as well as promoting yourself. Manage posting schedules so you don’t overwhelm the public and start writing blogs as this will provide additional material for your audience to read. There are no rules on the art of blogging – just keep it short and sweet while always remaining relevant to the reader and the book subjects or concepts being discussed.

Once live on your social media platforms, try to offer giveaways to random readers who comment on your page as this will further engage your readers and target audiences. That being said, it is a waste of time to try to connect with people everywhere, so keep your focus for promotional activities and prizes local. Only a few of the most expensively advertised books reach audiences spanning different cultures, languages and regions across the world.

How to Create a Self-Publishing Group on Social Media

How to promote on social media?

Promote yourself on social media accounts, include links to your author website and other social media accounts, this will encourage your audience to browse and gain their interest over time. Encourage your audience to spread the word; this will utilise word of mouth promotion beyond the internet when friends and family begin to speak about your books. Use google to discover niche networks to promote your product. Family and friends will be happy to post your first reviews and ratings, so don’t be shy and ask them!

Your personal role behind the scenes

Put a face to your name, this allows your audience to connect with you personally and often the character of the author is a huge boost to the sales of their stories, JK Rowling is a great example of this. Answer any questions and clarify things with your readers on a personal level by messaging them directly and engaging in real conversations. By having a social media presence, it will sharpen your writing skills as you have to update the public regularly.