How Can Book Trailers Help To Sell My Book

A book trailer is a type of video marketing method that sparks the interest of social media users. Trailers that are promoted effectively have been cited as resulting in around 64% of viewers purchasing the advertised book. Using a trailer to promote your book can increase your conversion rate from anywhere in the region of 60% up to figures surpassing 80%. 92% of mobile phones users will share a video with others on social media when they enjoy it. The statistics out there show that if a video trailer is created effectively, it will undoubtedly lead to increased book sales and awareness of the book on the whole.

What makes a good or bad trailer?

To make a good trailer, it needs an absorbing script and creative video / graphical editing. It should hint to the reader what will take place within the storyline, rather than explaining the entire story. The video should entice readers to read the story without being too short or too long in achieving that sparked interest. Music, the quality of the video and its graphics are all important for a successful trailer experience for the viewers.

Bad trailers are usually DIY attempts that have been placed together on free-to-use slideshows, often showing low-quality graphics and photos to try and promote the book. The low-quality editing often makes the video too long, which loses the interest of viewers when there are so many other trailers out there to watch!

In your video, you should focus on the experience of the reader, not the author. Try not to talk about the book, but instead about the idea behind the book’s story. Lastly do not instruct the viewers to read the book, invite them to read the story instead.

5 reasons video trailers are important for the promotion of your book

Growth and popularity – The author’s many potential and existing customers can view and share the book via social media, in addition to good old-fashioned word of mouth.

Shareable medium – Creates chatter about your book, and has an impact directly on your marketing efforts.

Deeper relationship – Trailer allow an expression of the story beyond the blurb and the front cover of the book. In doing so readers can find a deeper empathy with the author.

Top of the mind – Book trailers keep a book above other titles in the mind of readers who are effectively the target audience and potential customers of an author’s book.

Cost effective – Once paid for, book trailers continue to play 24/7 and do not require any further investment.

Once you have an amazing video, the next step would be to share it via your social media accounts for your book promotion which Fresh01 can offer support with so get in contact now to see how we can help to produce trailers and then promote your latest novel or education read.

Here is a link to a Fresh 01 book trailer that we have recently created