Opportunity knocks

Fast-growing multimedia and graphic design agency with an impressive global client list seeks super fly web developers

Fresh01 is on a mission to find two highly motivated, driven and ambitious, full-stack web developers. The New Year has brought a bumper crop of web work and, in a company that is constantly expanding its reach, it’s vital to increase the team to maintain the highest standards of creative conception and completion.

The developers will be given the chance to flex their WordPress muscles, creating innovative themes and plugins for bespoke website design as well as HTML programming on cutting-edge eLearning courses. In addition, a wide range of other projects beckon with Fresh01 providing the developers with the support and training necessary to increase their skill bases.

Fresh01 is offering competitive salaries based on experience, access to top of the range Apple equipment and an office environment with like-minded creatives. All Fresh01 is asking in return is that the developers each have three years’ experience in developing web sites and web applications with WordPress, the drive and ability to code lean and efficient WordPress themes and plugins with PHP, the ability to work collaboratively across disciplines (IA, strategy, design, code), the verbal dexterity to communicate technical information clearly to clients, integrity, pride and an eagerness to learn more.

If these roles could have been created with you in mind, then visit:

If you are applying through a recruitment agency or do not have the right to work in the UK your application will not be entertained.

Prop File: #2239 – Kevlar helmet

Prop File:  #2239 – Kevlar helmet

Last used:
Lockheed Martin film shoot at RAF Thetford.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) : elearning project



Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 13.17.56

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 13.19.44

Just one of hundreds of props used in the filming of this extensive elearning module for Lockheed Martin. The subject HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) is one of great importance to the company and only a fully immersive, scenario based, interactive course was fit for purpose. The project was completed over a 4 month period in the UK by Fresh01 for the International Security Operations Team of Lockheed Martin, Bethesda USA. This module strengthens the acclaimed and award winning Second Nature ™, Travel Safety and Security course developed and produced by Fresh01. You can review it on this link.

For more information about Fresh01 elearning and how we can help you, email [email protected]

Partners in excellence

Fresh01 is delighted to announce its affiliation with the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants. It’s a move that gives Fresh01 unparalleled access to compliance experts in any given subject matter and boosts its eLearning service offering immeasurably.

Prior to this affiliation, an eLearning programme would be created by Fresh01 using a client’s content. If the client didn’t have in-house expertise in a given subject then a third-party service would be called on. It was an onerous process that involved the clients keeping up to date with changes in employment law, financial regulations, health and safety and so on. After lengthy liaisons with governing bodies to receive the compliance information, the client would have to spend time working out how best to disseminate the information to its employees.

Fresh01 has been listening to its clients’ frustrations. Ever keen to streamline and take the pain out of the process, Fresh01 has found a way to bring that third-party compliance expertise in-house.

The APCC is a trade body that actively promotes professional standards for compliance consultants. Its relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) places its members at the cutting edge of compliance legislation and interpretation. The APCC’s extensive directory of members regularly advises financial firms that are regulated by the UK’s FCA and the Prudential Regulatory Authority. Any affiliated firms can take advantage of the membership’s compliance expertise and this is where Fresh01 benefits.

The affiliation itself involved a thorough application process that subjected Fresh01 to scrutiny over a period of weeks from both the APCC Steering Council and existing members.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.13.13

law copy

Once the request had been accepted, a review of Fresh01 and its services was undertaken and the formal application was drafted. News of a successful application came after an anxious few weeks.

Now, as an affiliate of the APCC, Fresh01 has access to its extensive database of compliance experts. Bespoke content can be built into the eLearning course from the beginning, without the need to bring in a third party. Any changes to employment law, financial regulations, health and safety and so on, Fresh01 will liaise on the client’s behalf with the APCC to identify what information is needed and how best to build that into an eLearning course that can be rolled out quickly, efficiently and effectively to members of staff. It makes Fresh01 a one-stop-shop for eLearning compliance-related course content and creation.

Fresh01 Managing Director, Greg Feltham comments: “Fresh01 is delighted to be affiliated with the APCC and be able to give such a comprehensive service to its eLearning clients. Thanks to APCC members, Fresh01’s clients will have enviable, fuss-free, fully compliant, interactive training courses.”

If you would like to know more about the APCC, visit

If you would like to know more about how Fresh01 can create a bespoke, fully compliant eLearning course for your organisation then make contact today.

Fresh faces

teamphotoThe growing frequency and complexity of client projects has meant bringing on board more talent. Meet the design team newbies making waves at Fresh01.

Ruth Evans came to Fresh01 from a market research company where she was the in-house designer. It had been her first role since completing an MA in graphic design. “Fresh01’s website was a revelation. I was impressed with the range of multi-media services it offered – everything from book cover design to music production. I couldn’t wait to be involved,” she said.

In less than five months at Fresh01, Ruth has worked on website design projects, book covers, videos and storyboarding and at each stage she has relished the challenge. “Thanks to a great, supportive team I’ve picked up the concepts quickly and been able to push that excellence through to all projects,” she says, “because I’ve been learning so many new things, my questioning every stage has strengthened the designs.”

Putting design principles into practice in different media and mastering the software has been fantastic but it’s book cover design where Ruth has really found her groove. Fresh01 counts a major, global book publisher amongst its client base and creating culture and genre-specific designs that embody the author’s vision is a thrill. “Working with the brand parameters and making sure the typography is spot on is as important as accurately representing what is inside the book,” she says. “I’m inspired by the books themselves, for example I’ve just finished a memoir about the 1,000 Islands on the St Lawrence River between the US and Canada – people build homes on these tiny islands so the houses look as though they are floating – now who wouldn’t be inspired by that?”

James Connolly came to Fresh01 through an unexpected route. Having studied design at university, he began working in a creative branding agency as a junior designer. Company restructuring meant the agency was no longer able to support a junior but he was offered a project manager role. For James, it was a great opportunity to hone his organisational skills but design has always been his first love. After a year, he left to take a design role with Fresh01. “It’s been amazing, I’m back doing what I love in a dynamic, supportive team,” he says.

Having been away from design for a while, James is committed to hard work and learning from the ground up. “I’ve been working on branding, brochures and flyers for a DNA sequencing client,” he says, “it’s not something that lends itself to wild arty flourishes. It requires you to be organised, methodical and considered because you have to make sure the branding message is consistent across all formats.”

James’ project management experience is being put to good use. “You have to be disciplined,” he says, “at every stage cross-reference that it is right for the client and the brand. I’m on such a positive learning curve and at a company where I feel supported to do great work.”

Emma Jones studied interactive media at college and design at university. Where better then, to cut her design teeth in the working world than at Fresh01? She’s been involved in book cover design and video storyboarding, learning on the go and enjoying every minute. “Working on the book covers offers such creative freedom,” she says, “but you also have to have the discipline to work within the brand’s parameters, so attention to detail is a must.” Emma says it’s an opportunity for the team to pull together and celebrate its strengths. “I feel so lucky to be able to draw on the talent and experience of those around me.”

Emma’s enthusiasm to learn everything she can and flex her creative muscles is mirrored by all three new designer starters. They represent a significant investment for Fresh01; an investment in its capabilities to take on bigger, more elaborate, more adventurous projects that push the creative boundaries and delight its clients.


Picture 6

Toasting success

British vineyard, Kingscote Estates tasked Fresh01 with a complete company rebrand – everything from the website to the bottle labels. Always one to rise to a challenge, Fresh01 set about planning, designing and creating a knockout brand supported by a suite of materials and an interactive, responsive website.

The nature of the company’s existing website meant that Fresh01 could approach Kingscote with a drawing board full of new ideas. The planned content for the site evolved during the build, which meant the build itself grew in scope and ambition. Kingscote and Fresh01 established a close collaboration and together, they were able to adapt the site to accommodate the changing creative needs of Kingscote and its brand.


A project of this size requires dedication and great attention to detail. Fresh01 and Kingscote wanted to create a site that was both engaging and a pleasure to navigate, and both were prepared to invest the required time to ensure that those high standards were met. The site has been designed and built to be responsive across all devices. Visitors will enjoy a great user experience regardless of whether they are viewing it on a desktop or smartphone. In addition, the back-end was designed to be user friendly so the client would be able to update the content, independently, in their own time and at their own convenience.

Working with Kingscote Estates gave Fresh01 an opportunity to produce a consumer-focused site. Kingscote is uniquely placed in a rural setting, offering outdoor activities and local produce – three things that lend themselves well to online marketing and social media promotion. Fres01’s design concept included full-bleed images of the vineyard and surrounding valley alongside a history of the area and outdoor pursuits that are available to put the vineyards in context. The website’s purpose is to ensure the company has an online presence and to promote Kingscote as an aspirational leisure destination. It isn’t hard to sell, the valley has a Roman history and is on the Bluebell Steam train route. What’s more the estate offers wine tours, wine tasting, a cookery school, falconry and bushcraft to name a few. Combined with the stunning images of the vineyard and surrounding countryside, it’s hard to resist booking a visit.

With a sleek new design that achieves both functionality and an impressive aesthetic, the client should experience huge surge of interest from the site’s launch – perfectly timed for the approaching summer holidays. David Ashwood, Media Producer at Fresh01 feels rightly proud of the finished site and comments that: “It’s been a great opportunity for Fresh01 to strengthen its portfolio while promoting a fantastic British vineyard and winemaker.” Visit to see for yourself.

Dedicated to the fond memory of Christen Monge



PSI-Pay, the global payment solution provider, has partnered with Fresh01 traditionally to produce events and exhibition brochures. For their latest campaign however, the brief was a little different. Fresh01 was tasked with revamping the company’s website, not simply by adding some WordPress plugins to make it responsive but by creating an entirely new design and build.

It was a fantastic opportunity for head designer Chris Banks. “It was a novelty to be able to start with a blank page and think: ‘What do we want on the homepage? What does the client want to be prominent?’ Working out the technicalities of how to do it was secondary.” The result is a flowing site map that’s intuitive to navigate and makes PSI-Pay’s affiliations and partners a prominent fixture.


The client’s existing site didn’t integrate the brand sufficiently so Fresh01 set about enhancing the brand presence and ensuring it is prominent on every page of the site. As for the content, the refresh gave the client a great opportunity to refine the text, making it less technical and easier for a layperson to understand.

Fresh01 came up with creative solutions for the technical information such as producing a visual map to show how the PSI-Pay process works rather than having a written description as had been before. “The team went above and beyond on the design,” comments Chris, “we really thought through what was best for the client’s audience and the client was delighted.”

In fact, the client’s enthusiasm meant the creative process was harmonious and productive with good communication at every stage. It means that the finished site is better able to communicate PSI-Pay’s products and services. A great example of this is the blog section. On the previous site, it wasn’t easy to find the blogs but now they are showcased on the news page. Furthermore, an innovative scroll device enables the reader to see the three most recent blogs and then select to see all previous blogs. While the design is efficient and attractive, it has an unexpected benefit – PSI-Pay feels inspired to produce blogs on a regular basis. Once the site is live, there will be a wealth of industry insight and opinion at a site visitor’s fingertips.

“The site has been custom-built from scratch,” says Chris. “The client has had the opportunity to distil what it really wanted and needed from its website, while we have had the opportunity to flex our technical and creative muscles in tailoring it to the client’s needs. It’s a win, win.”

If you would like to see how your business could benefit from Fresh01’s multimedia creativity and expertise, call +44 20 7739 1255 or click

Video and eLearning – a user’s guide

Using video correctly can be just what you need to make a subject come to life. Allow us to present the director’s cut on how to make the most of it… Lights, camera, action

Moving pictures say a thousand words

Imagine how much easier life could be if you could just show people how to perform a task rather than painstakingly talking them through it. Well, as luck would have it, there is a way to get the message across, especially for secret aspirant Spielbergs.

Producing a training video for a major company makes perfect sense; visual aids help trainees to understand what they need to do and how to take each step in such a way that it is a repeatable and standardised process. Verbal instructions alone can be complicated or seem contradictory, but video, guided by a trainer who can explain the content, is memorable, effective – and fun. So take this as your cue to ditch that super dry PowerPoint and get that camera rolling.

I will say this only once

Wouldn’t it be nice never to have to repeat yourself? While technical processes can sound intimidating, clear step-by-step video guidance can put that right and have you wondering why you ever tried to train staff without this natty little aid. And best of all, learners can watch it on repeat without you as the trainer having to go into parrot mode. What’s more, words and even still pictures can be confusing, while an effective video will outline clear, concise instructions that will leave a viewer with no doubt as to how to perform a task

Play it again, Sam

Picture a perfect world, where every time you had to learn a new skill, you had a trainer on hand to show you just how it’s done, over and over again until you got it. They say imitation is a form of flattery, but while we’d all love to inspire that kind of adulation, the reality is that it’s just not practical in terms of time or expense to have experienced staff perform such tasks in this way.

Now picture a perfect world where you could watch a leader in their field perform these tasks over and over again – but that you could also rewind, fast-forward and pause them to your heart’s content. Enter video content, stage right.

Video can be used to illustrate a variety of situations and everyday actions, whether using experienced staff or actors who are able to showcase the essential skills and tasks that a company requires. This is both cost-effective and can offer the viewer as much flexibility as they need by stopping it at key points to reinforce what they have watched.

That’s all folks

Video is a vital tool in any eLearning situation – whether you see yourself as a budding Scorsese or you just want to get the job done. It can be the most cost-effective and time-sensitive solution for any business.

But a word of warning: it is crucial to use a well-respected production company to produce high-quality video, which might result in a higher initial outlay but the value to your business will be worth any additional expense. After all, it’s not about how big budget the movie is, but how well that budget is spent. And that’s a wrap, folks.

Video _and_eLearning_Maxwell Lucas_images



April 21st 2015 hails a monumental step for mobile communications. A sophisticated algorithm will be released into cyberspace that prioritises search listings based on mobile optimisation. And in plain English? Unless your site has be designed to offer a great user experience to people visiting it on a smartphone then you’ll go to the bottom of the pile. It won’t matter if your company fits the search criteria best, is the closest, has received the best feedback, is the biggest, fastest, strongest – even if it’s in the Forbes 500 (as 44% of those failed the test too) – it simply won’t get a look in.

Fitting then, that leading the mobile charge is the world’s most popular search engine. Google is so popular it experiences 1,100,000,000 monthly visits and even has a verb in its honour. And as of 21st April, when someone decides to ‘Google it’ the listings will have been pre-tested to show mobile users sites that will actually work on their phones.

Since when did mobile become such a behemoth? Cisco’s Visual Networking Index has some stark statistcs: in 2014, mobile traffic was nearly 30 times the size of the entire global internet in 2000 and almost half a billion mobile devices and connections were added last year. According to the Global Web Index, 80% of web users own a smartphone, half of all searches are performed on mobile devices and 60% of users report that they are unlikely to return to a site that isn’t mobile optimised. Google’s algorithm is, therefore, the service’s own attempt to follow the market and keep its customer base happy. It is a business after all.

So what should other businesses be doing to keep up? It could be argued that if the brand is well known then this change in search engine listings will have little effect. Certainly, the Forbes 500 companies that fall foul of the mobile-friendly criteria are unlikely to have too much to worry about. For the rest of us, it makes good business sense to ensure the website is mobile friendly, regardless of Google’s launch. Mobile friendly sites render different layouts depending on the size of the browser screen. To do this, responsive design helps the content to adapt, automatically changing the number of columns displayed, scaling images to the appropriate size and enabling the menu to work differently according the device. That’s not all, the site will be configured differently so the user has a simple, efficient experience even if they’re on a small screen in a rush-hour commute.

The mobile revolution has already happened, Google’s algorithm is simply forcing companies to acknowledge it and embrace a growing business opportunity. Don’t get left behind and don’t miss out on premium search engine results. It’s time to give Fresh01 a call.