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Fresh01 is delighted to announce its affiliation with the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants. It’s a move that gives Fresh01 unparalleled access to compliance experts in any given subject matter and boosts its eLearning service offering immeasurably.

Prior to this affiliation, an eLearning programme would be created by Fresh01 using a client’s content. If the client didn’t have in-house expertise in a given subject then a third-party service would be called on. It was an onerous process that involved the clients keeping up to date with changes in employment law, financial regulations, health and safety and so on. After lengthy liaisons with governing bodies to receive the compliance information, the client would have to spend time working out how best to disseminate the information to its employees.

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Fresh01 has been listening to its clients’ frustrations. Ever keen to streamline and take the pain out of the process, Fresh01 has found a way to bring that third-party compliance expertise in-house.

The APCC is a trade body that actively promotes professional standards for compliance consultants. Its relationship with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) places its members at the cutting edge of compliance legislation and interpretation. The APCC’s extensive directory of members regularly advises financial firms that are regulated by the UK’s FCA and the Prudential Regulatory Authority. Any affiliated firms can take advantage of the membership’s compliance expertise and this is where Fresh01 benefits.

The affiliation itself involved a thorough application process that subjected Fresh01 to scrutiny over a period of weeks from both the APCC Steering Council and existing members.

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Once the request had been accepted, a review of Fresh01 and its services was undertaken and the formal application was drafted. News of a successful application came after an anxious few weeks.

Now, as an affiliate of the APCC, Fresh01 has access to its extensive database of compliance experts. Bespoke content can be built into the eLearning course from the beginning, without the need to bring in a third party. Any changes to employment law, financial regulations, health and safety and so on, Fresh01 will liaise on the client’s behalf with the APCC to identify what information is needed and how best to build that into an eLearning course that can be rolled out quickly, efficiently and effectively to members of staff. It makes Fresh01 a one-stop-shop for eLearning compliance-related course content and creation.

Fresh01 Managing Director, Greg Feltham comments: “Fresh01 is delighted to be affiliated with the APCC and be able to give such a comprehensive service to its eLearning clients. Thanks to APCC members, Fresh01’s clients will have enviable, fuss-free, fully compliant, interactive training courses.”

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