Hello Fresh01 Blog Readers!

It’s Cristina – yet another intern from the States, already leaving after my short (but awesome) stunt at Fresh. I came to London all the way from Michigan, where I’m a student at Michigan State University; working towards degrees in both Advertising and Graphic Design.

Six weeks is disappointingly short. And I really don’t feel like it was quite enough time for the guys at Fresh to learn much about me, aside from my persistent searches to find American food in London (cheese pasta, toaster pastries…) Like about my beagle, Missy, who I adore; and my hobbies, like interior decorating. And that I’ve always been about the little things. So it would only make sense that my favorite things about Fresh – were the little things: the walk into Perseverance Works in the mornings, which is an island of plants and fellow designers and artists and quiet, right in the middle of a business, traffic-heavy area. The constant music wars over what we should listen to in the studio. Ben coming up every hour or so for a tea/solitude break. Also the sibling-like bickering over lights versus natural lighting made me laugh; the bustle of energy that Kurt brought in with him throughout the week. And, especially, the ‘tube map’ in the men’s toilet. Yes, I saw it.

However. The same cannot be said for Fresh. The things I learned from you guys were not small, nor few, nor laughable. I have learned and been exposed to so much in this month and a half that my mind spins trying to remember it all. My knowledge of programs grew, (along with learning entirely new ones) and I was given the opportunity to work on things that I had never even considered within my capability before. Like, favicons. And web banners, and e-learning storyboards. I also now feel like a professional Istock.com user. I learned a lot just by being a part of the office, too – seeing you guys work with clients, prepare pitches, manage accounts. I was inspired by all of you and your personal drives to be excellent designers and stay involved and up to date with the greater design community.

In seriousness, these were a great group of guys to work with, I had a ton of fun, and my future design jobs are going to have BIG shoes to fill.

Thank you so much, I hope with extreme sincerity to keep in touch.