Image of Google Analytics

Google’s Page Analytics Chrome Extension allows you to see how customers are using your website, including tracking which pages they visit, and importantly, which ones they don’t.

The extension allows you to see how customers interact with your web pages, including what they click and don’t click. You can use these insights to optimise your website layout, improve user experiences, and increase conversions.

This Google Chrome extension will provide metrics for the following across all websites/pages you are tracking within Google Analytics:


Unique Pageviews

Average time on page

Bounce Rate and %Exit

Number of active visitors in real time

In-page click analysis: (where users click on a page)

You can use the Google Analytics date comparison and segmentation tools directly in the extension. Pages you are tracking with the Google Analytics code for an account your Google account login has access to will appear like the image above in your Chrome browser. These findings can help you understand a user’s journey, optimise accordingly and correct any areas of concern with regards to how effective as a sales tool your website really is. These modifications can help increase return visits, user experiences and ultimately how your website provides a return on investment through conversions.

Google Analytics and both bespoke and templated web design are areas that Fresh01 have lots of experience in. Whether your organisation requires a complete revamp of your online presence taking into account the user journey of your potential customers or simple modifications to the structure of your website, Fresh01 can help. Your website is a 24-hour shop window into your organisation – Google Analytics is a great tool to use in order to understand where and why people enter and leave your ‘shop’ so to speak. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our expertise and how we can support you on increasing your marketing effectiveness online.

The extension can be downloaded through the Google web store here.