Fresh01 has designed and produced the latest Annual Report for Manroy Plc, with print supplied by Rubicon.

Developing a new landscape format to showcase a photographic feature of the company’s engineering environment, the Annual Report additionally displays Manroy’s products and accessories alongside financial reports.

Check out the digital version which can be found here

About Manroy Plc

Manroy Engineering, one of the Manroy Plc group of companies, provides solutions for weapon design, production and mounting requirements for Infantry, AFV, and Naval platforms.

Manroy manufactures the .50” M2HB machine gun with Quick Change Barrel, the 7.62mm GPMG, tools, gauges and also provides a full and comprehensive spares service along with associated training for both weapons.

Manroy also designs and manufactures PWS, one man turrets and weapon mounts. All Manroy equipment is on active service with worldwide and NATO forces and is registered with NATO Codifications in the UK.

Manroy was formed in 1975 to support the spares requirements of the British Army. In 1980 it started producing .50″ M2HB Heavy Machine Guns and began development of the QCB System about a year later.



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