Sup Fresh01 readers,

This is Regina Love Fresh’s new fall intern hailing in from Orlando, Florida. I am a student at Florida A&M University working on my B.S. in Graphic Design. After landing in London I instantly fell in love! The weather took some getting used to, but I have seen a whole new world in the three weeks that I have been here.

My first day at the Wokingham office was full of surprises. From arriving an hour early and getting my 15 minutes of fame on film, we can say it was an interesting day. I must say Kurt has the best office I’ve ever seen! The Fresh teams of guys seem real cool, but I was needless to say too overdressed and my nerves got the best of me. I was informed that it is important for an intern to make a good cup of tea, so I need to get that together!

Now the London office is a bit different. I mean how great is it to walk past a bar every morning to work! The entire building has a great atmosphere with so many companies within one open space. Mark welcomed me right in, and I know that I am going to be learning a lot from Siu alone! I am looking forward to working on projects and observing how Fresh01 is ran.

When I saw my name on the twitter page I instantly felt a part of Fresh01. I know there are a great deal of new software and techniques I will be exposed to by the end of my term here. So I end here now looking forward to my third week with the Fresh01 team.

Regina <3