How to Promote My Book through Social Media

You have just written and designed your masterpiece, now you need to effectively promote it as you want the world to read it. Before you start marketing your book, you need to set yourself a budget which will help you to get one step ahead of your planning as you have established a set figure to spend on marketing, it could be £100 or £10,000, the point is to measure and analyse your activities to promote the book effectively.

Marketing will take some time to build so you need to be prepared to set some time aside to complete it. Creating a website is a must and you should explain who you are and why your book is better than the competition in the sector, creating an online biography on your own personal author website is always a good initial step because it connects you and your readers on a personal level, it allows them to get to know the artist behind the piece. Creating a promotional website is a must, you should explain who you are and why your book is better than other books, creating a bio on your website is always a good approach to because it connects you and your readers.

Promote your book on social media and use images wherever possible, as a picture tells a thousand words. Visuals in marketing are more current and preferable than ever in a world of constant mobile advertising via smartphones. Use headlines as different social media users respond to different headlines and use hashtags where applicable; this makes searching for your content online easier for those who have been told about your books by friends and family.

How to Promote My Book through Social Media

Manage the timing of your posts, only post when the majority of your followers are active and online. This provides the maximum visibility of your promotional efforts for your book. Be persistent, don’t give up too easily or quickly and share as much as possible (when it’s relevant and appropriate to do so of course). Engagement with your audience is paramount, as they will have questions and items for discussion around your books. Initiate the conversation by asking your audience questions about the stories you have written…Be sure to keep your social networking sites updated all the time, be social, engage with potential readers, share questions and most importantly learn from your readers as marketing on social media is an ongoing learning process about your target audience.

Take advantage of the visual representations of your book, as readers are more inclined to read what you have to say if there are absorbing images to support your stories. It can be the front cover of your book, or supportive imagery based on the concepts and subjects touched on in your books. Adjust your social media accounts every so often to make sure that you’re grabbing the reader’s eye who has possibly previously overlooked your page, book or discussion online. Don’t be afraid to post more than once. Once you have started sharing your book with your friends online, promote it further with a trailer that can be placed on your Facebook and shared on YouTube as well.